Sunflower Oatmeal Silk Soap

Sunflower Oatmeal Silk Soap


4 oz. bar

Enjoy the tranquil creamy pleasure of our Sunflower & Oatmeal Silk luxury soap.

Sunflower is known for  …

  • soothing the skin
  • smoothing the skin
  • restoring hydration
  • moisturizing
  • calming the skin
  • rich in vitamin E
  • help fight acne
  • rich in beta-carotene
  • reduces signs of aging
  • beneficial for appearance of your health and skin
  • reduce signs of aging
  • protects skin
  • reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • removes dead cells and impurities
  • anti-inflammatory
  • helps lower skin redness and roughness
  • high in Omega-6
  • decreases inflammation
  • enhances development of new skin cells

Oatmeal is known for…

  • being a natural skin cleanser
  • does not strip natural oils
  • exfoliates
  • rich in proteins
  • moisturizing
  • high in anti-oxidants
  • helps undo damage done to skin by pollution, UV rays and chemicals
  • helps reduce itching
  • reduces inflammation
  • calms eczema
  • heals psoriasis
  • soothes sunburns
  • healing properties

Vanilla essential oil is known for…

  • balancing hormones
  • promoting relaxation
  • improving sleep
  • defends against disease
  • boosting skin health

*The ingredients listed are listed for allergic reasons only and may not be listed in order from highest to lowest.

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organic glycerin,organic coconut oil, organic coconut milk, organic aloe, organic shea butter, organic oatmeal, organic avacado oil, organic vanilla essential oil, organic palm oil, organic sunflower, organic vitamin E, himalayan salt, sodium hydroxide (no sodium hydroxide left in finished product).

The ingredients listed are listed are for allergic reasons only and may not be listed in order by highest to lowest quantity.

Every ingredient is folded, layered and swirled into each bar to deliver optimal results.

BeautifulSoap is made fresh daily. Please use within 6 months of purchase.

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