After changing my diet to all natural foods and seeing amazing results, I decided to turn my focus on what I was putting onto my body. After losing my job due to a injury, I had lots of time to research what is in the soaps we use. I found that most soaps contain harmful chemicals, pesticides, detergents and gmo’s that seep into our bloodstreams. My focus was on staying healthy. I learned that most soaps that claim to be “natural” or “organic” really contained “only a few natural or organic ingredients” in them and still contained harmful chemicals. They still used chemical based coloring, chemical based fragrances and genetically modified ingredients. Which does not equal healthy. I wanted my family and I to be safe. After not being able to find that perfectly healthy soap, I began my mission to create the very best 100% non-gmo, 100% organic ingredient plant based soap with NOTHING but the good stuff!

       I created my first batch of fresh 100% organic ingredient all plant based soap. It turned out to be the the soap I’ve ever used. The soap I’ve always drempt of using but I could never find. It smelled blissful, it had a luxurious creamy lather, it felt amazing on my skin and it made my skin glow like never before. Shortly after that, I opened BeautifulSoap.Com.

       I guess every thing has a silver lining. If I had not lost my job, I wouldn’t be the creator of BeautifulSoap.com. Today, I am honored to help bring awareness and help people choose better products for their health and their homes. I truly believe you will not find a better soap anywhere.

BeautifulSoap.Com Founder

BeautifulSoap.Com Founder/CEO

BeautifulSoap.Com Founder/CEO

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